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Working at DeutschMann, Where Intelligence Is Valued

Deutschman provides a place for self-realization, join us if you aspire to progress, pursue your dreams, and feel at home. Knowledge of at least one foreign language is a necessity as you will communicate daily in it. If you enjoy learning, you can improve your language skills at DeutschMann . For interesting and properly valued work, you no longer have to move abroad. If you contribute positively to the company, you will be rewarded well and also have the opportunity for career advancement. In addition, you will work in a team of people whose specific activities help make the world a better place to live.

Why Work at DeutschMann ?

We don't want young people to leave for work, leaving their own family and friends because they don't have enough opportunities. If you have a taste for hard work, with us the door is OPEN for opportunity. We will teach you everything you need to work and then it's up to you. If you deliver results for the company, you will be richly rewarded - both in terms of salary and career progression.


We deliver tangible outcomes


We value excellence and honor it accordingly


We reward those who achieve success


We promote a balance of work, play, and fun

podporujeme vychod

We encourage initiative


We are committed to continuous learning


We strive to exceed client expectations


We believe in the growth of our employees alongside the company

Feedback from Our Employees


Head of Sales Department

„A youthful group of individuals. What struck me as pleasantly surprising in the initial days after joining this company was the pervasive positive atmosphere. The approach of colleagues is friendly, and the atmosphere is welcoming, with people here not being 'closed off' as if in confinement. They have boundless career opportunities - when an individual can use their head and aspires to be among the best and excel. Superiors do not show a patronizing attitude, they are always ready to assist, both in professional and personal matters“

In DeutschMann, working since 17.5.2011


Head of Sales Department

„This was the first professional journey I undertook, and I remember the times when I felt overwhelmed by challenges. However, the supportive attitude of the managers and peers empowered me to grow stronger and more accomplished with each passing day. I've spent several years here, witnessing individuals join and positively change their lives. I've been leading a fulfilling life for many years now, all thanks to this job and the wonderful people I interact with daily :) As the saying goes - one must live to realize their dreams, and I'm living my dreams, all thanks to being a part of DeutschMann :)“

In DeutschMann, working since 1.10.2005


Head of Sales Department

„I find satisfaction here because our company is solid and steady, and I have the assurance of coming to a job that will be financially sound in the coming months. There are no hidden issues, my workspace is clean and equipped with professional tools, and regular training fosters professional development. There's room for career progression, and I have the chance to enhance my foreign language skills, both spoken and written. Additionally, there’s essentially no limit to the earning potential.“

In DeutschMann, working since 1.2.2002

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