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The most important thing in our life is to help others win. Even if we have to slow down and change our own position to meet competition.

Our company is a forwarding agency based in Slovakia and we focus primarily on importing from countries of the “old” European Union to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. We pay special attention to the quality of the transportation services that we provide for our clients. Our company was established in 1999 by three partners – two of them were German investors from whom we bought their shares in 2005 and 2006. Today, our company is 100 % Slovak. Approximately 80% of the company's activities involve the transport of goods by trucks, lorries, and vans from the “old” EU to Central Europe. The rest comprises export and international transport among EU countries.

We have approximately 200 contractual carriers and cooperate with more than 5 000 carriers and forwarding agencies from throughout Europe on an irregular basis. Thanks to this, we are able to ensure for our clients any type of vehicle (from 1 kg up to 300 tonnes) and carry out any type of transport.

Express transport

We have specialized in arranging express transport for the automotive industry within 24 hour delivery time. The time necessary for the preparation of a vehicle may range from 2 up to 8 hours. These vehicles usually have two drivers (duly trained for the relevant type of goods) who are reachable via a mobile phone.

Since 2013 we have our own truck fleet under Zilina dept. lead (mega, jumbo trucks).


All employees of our company attend regular training in order to be able to provide clients with required services. They are available non-stop, 365 days a year. Everyone speaks several languages so the client orders transport only and does not have to take care of anything else - our employees are able to handle any problems. The client always receives accurate information about the position the goods and when they were unloaded or any further required information. Usually within 15 minutes we can provide the information as to whether we can perform the required transport and provide also final prices that are all inclusive and comprise all the fees and charges unless agreed otherwise.

Our mission

  1. We want to resolve all freight transport issues for our clients and create an excellent logistics centre.
  2. We want to become the company which will represent a good example of success and implement ethics within the company so that also another companies become interested in our system of work and ethical code and want to be like us – we want to be a role model for other companies and SERVE AS A POSITIVE EXAMPLE.
  3. We want to allow jobs for carriers so that they can pay out their loans and renew their fleets. It means we will be able to offer better conditioned vehicles for our clients to satisfy their transport needs.
  4. We want to ensure the satisfaction of and high incomes for our employees for their perfect performance and their continuous professional and personal development because they greatly contribute to the success of our company.
  5. We want to attract young people who have been abroad to seek jobs, so that they are motivated to come back, work for our company and make full use of their language skills and experiences.
  6. We want to make our company the family one in which spouses, children, aunts, uncles, godfathers, godmothers, grandparents, cousins, and also friends and schoolmates will work together.
  7. The last but not at least thing is the owner’s gain-profit. Our main goal is helping all people around us. We will be happy only when our clients, carriers, and our employees are happy. The key word is HELP.

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