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The first Deutschfunn has launched !


Dear colleges and  readers

There is nothing more than remember over the old times how was going on how we looked like as has been told:“ questions such as :who, what, where, with whom,...“I suggest old kept memories have got much greater value as any treasure anyway.

The accent of having our new magazine is not about to maintain all necessary things just what we would like to prefer I guess. Because we create Deutschfunn by ourselves meaning what we really do.That wards off our activities as we got bigger,better and whole time period either more successful or even less as well ,perhaps taft time also where were well done at the end.

I suppose I can state with no doubt that everyone wants to contribute by his/her manner to be kept at our minds by anything important and be just for a while „the best“ naturally. That’s why the Deutschfunn is about ourselves mainly.For our „company warriors“ fighting at the front stage either or even those ones who are invisible but inherent staff at all making the team. Dear colleges this is the challenge for all of us where brand new motion can be arised and showen for every mates among each other.

Well, please, allow me to invite us our brand new magazine named Deutschfunn which has just started up, wishing a lot of success as our company owns. So, good luck !

šéfredaktorka časopisu Ivča Fazekašová

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