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Company DeutschMann LLC is as the first company coming from Slovakia and whole middle Europe established in Dubai dealing with global sale all kind of goods. It is a subsidiary company of company DeutschMann Internationale Spedition s.r.o., has been started since 1999.Nowadays has more than 130 employees among three branches.

The background consists of strong bases built in central Europe. Covering all European Union, Balkan and Baltic area, East Europe and former states of USSR. Thanks to their longtime experience in field of sales services and transportations the company has decided to open a new Branch located in Dubai mostly because of well-defined needs of our Middle East Customers. More specify in Jebel Ali Free Zone to cover up direct contact and have operative solution with individual customer's request. The main area is designed for Middle East region for following countries: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Yemen, Jordan, Lebanon as well as north African states as Egypt, Morocco, Tunis and their mutual cooperation with all states of whole Europe.

Our main goal is to help customers to looking for desired commodities in respective quality for reasonable price. The purpose is also to build a long term partnership. We are not looking for a short period only but to build honestly with proper work and reliable service long lasting cooperation for all participants. 

Our main interest is to provide Exclusive service.Meaning to find the most operative supplier providing all necessary administrative formalities and of course delivering and transportation to the final consumer. 

One of our priority is confidentiality and loyalty for all time long process. It is possible after negotiate to agreed on exclusive contract to get also exclusive rights for specific commodity without any possibility to serve to your competitor. So you can secure the eligible supplier with comprehensive service who will serve in the whole contract duration.Hereby will be loyal to you even if we get a better price from your competitor. 

We look forward also for the customer satisfaction.This is also one of our priority because no satisfied customers no service here possible. With searching for the ideal supplier by your requirements helps us towards our longtime experience and knowledge of producing companies in different segment across the Europe. This certainly includes our partners in North and Middle America, North Africa and in Asia. We are looking for the most ideal supplier for our customer needs not necessarily the cheapest one. We have bet on quality with consciousness our customers expect quality also from us. 

The main field of business is focused on primary food, raw materials for their actual production in raw or modified condition. Other sectors of interest are special building components, small parts in different devices and also individual machines sales for special requirements. The European market provides a wide field of different goods and our advantage is knowing the market well done and as well as how to get a proper movement. In communication with all partners from different countries help us our language ability to avoid any misunderstanding in negotiating with all groups involved. 

The reason why our customers cooperate with us is our individual attitude to all clients and their respective desires and request as well. This comprises full service where the Customer gives his request and hereby no further need to worry about the rest. That way you can save time and invest it in something more meaningfully. 

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