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Cultural & social event for our business partners


January 25th 2014 we established the cultural & social event for our business partners as the vote of thanks for the cooperation. The celebration was opened La Gioia group which presents pop opera music style combines pop and opera together.

LA GIOIA is three singers configuration interpret popular songs in the bel canto style. The repertoire of the trio wasn't composed neither tracks of global music scene, but especially noteworthy modifications known Slovak and Czech hits utterance of La Gioia as unheard yet by original way.

LA GIOIA translated from Italian means joy. And it is with joy, Hispanic and Italian temperament passion came LA GIOIA to offer unusual and unique musical experience.
When they finished the master KAREL GOTT has visited us, a man who's name has not belong among legends. The man who is a legend among legends.
With ease decades passed and gaining the hearts of all and absolutely all not with grace only, elegance and refinement, but also with its inherent modesty.
People of all generation have been met by his concerts, young girls,respectable ladies also that despite a happy marriage is still carried in their hearts a bit of youthful love for him. It was a huge honor for us to welcome among us this beautiful human and a great artist.

Finally Mrs EVA Máziková came into us and launched from chairs those who have not danced. Artist full of power, has a very tightly in her forties, looks at thirty and sings and dances like fresh school graduate. Tornado that captures and it will not let you. Everyone sang, danced and amused together perfectly.
Mr. Martin Rausch Pyco was accompanied us by whole evening as the moderator.

The feeling was excellent, we have been knowing since beginning better many of our business partners,took over potential and new business as well, so this event was beneficial to all. We are so eager to further joint action.

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